MicroSkyshine ® - 伽马射线辐射剂量计算软件

MicroSkyshine ®软件用于计算天空散射的γ 射线光子剂量。

MicroSkyshine ®已用于是否符合10CFR50评估。典型的应用是确定BWR涡轮机建筑物,放射性废物储存和废物处理场所的散射。MicroSkyshine®分析解决方案基于对点源使用“光束函数”。这种方法是为NUREG / CR-0781(1979年5月)开发的,这是由NRC赞助的。




  • 各种筒仓和墙壁几何形状。MicroSkyshine®接受以米,厘米,英尺或英寸为单位的尺寸数据

  • 散射介质是空气,Berger方法用于计算顶部屏蔽中的累积。可以为此目的选择其中材料中的任意一种

  • 包括放射性核素的库数据,衰减和累积的库数据

  • 可以计算源衰减并生成子元素

  • 可创建多达20个能源库(具备100 keV-10 MeV的能量范围);总浓度条自动转换为curies

  • 通过MicroSkyshine执行中的计算,假设仓壁或垂直壁是的。也就是说,不穿透墙壁的辐射是无法计算的



  • 墙壁后面的点源

  • 墙壁后面的水平线源

  • 墙后面的水平矩形区域源

  • 墙后面的水平圆形区域源

  • 墙后面的垂直线源

  • 墙后的垂直矩形区域源

  • 墙后的垂直圆形区域源

  • 墙后面的矩形体积源

  • 墙后的垂直圆柱体积源

  • 墙后面的水平圆柱形源

  • 矩形外壳中的点源



  • 交互式输入处理和输入错误检查

  • 主菜单允许您创建,保存,加载,擦除和运行案例。您可以更改一个数据条目,而不必通过整个输入序列

  • 批处理——可以在批处理模式下运行多个案例

  • 灵敏度运行——可以检查几个参数以确定剂量率

  • 结果可以保存为文本,HTML , Microsoft Word和Microsoft Excel格式



Microsoft Windows® 10或11




MicroSkyshine® calculates the photon dose from sky scattered gamma ray radiation.


MicroSkyshine® has been used to evaluate conformance with:


• 10CFR50, Appendix I ALARA requirements


• 40CFR190 fuel cycle exposure criteria.


Typical application would be to determine scattering from BWR turbine buildings, radwaste storage facilities, and waste disposal sites.


MicroSkyshine’s® analytical method of solution is based on the use of “beam functions” for a point source. This method was developed for NUREG/CR-0781 (May 1979), which resulted from an NRC sponsored effort. However, MicroSkyshine® reflects the efforts of analysts at Kansas State University, who further improved the method.


MicroSkyshine’s® Technical Features:

  • A variety of silo and wall geometries. MicroSkyshine® accepts dimensional data in meters, centimeters, feet, or inches.

  • The scattering medium is air, and the Berger method is used for calculating buildup in an overhead shield. Any one of seven materials can be selected for this purpose.

  • Library data for radionuclides, attenuation, and buildup are included.

  • Source decay can be calculated and daughters generated.

  • As many as twenty energy groups (with an energy range of 100 keV-10 MeV) may be created; total concentration entries are automatically converted to curies.

  • All calculations performed by MicroSkyshine® assume that the silo wall or vertical wall is a perfect shield; that is, radiation through the walls will not be calculated.


Geometries Included:

  • Point Source In A Silo

  • Vertical Line Source In A Silo

  • Vertical Cylinder Source In A Silo

  • Point Source Behind A Wall

  • Horizontal Line Source Behind A Wall

  • Horizontal Rectangular Area Source Behind A Wall

  • Horizontal Circular Area Source Behind A Wall

  • Vertical Line Source Behind A Wall

  • Vertical Rectangular Area Source Behind A Wall

  • Vertical Circular Area  Source Behind A Wall

  • Rectangular Volume Source Behind A Wall

  • Vertical Cylindrical Volume Source Behind A Wall

  • Horizontal Cylindrical Source Behind A Wall

  • Point Source In A Rectangular Enclosure


MicroSkyshine® Enhanced Software Features:

  • Microsoft Windows interface.

  • Fully interactive input processing and input error checking.

  • The main menu allows you to create, save, load, erase, and run many cases. You can change one data entry without having to pass through the entire input sequence.

  • Batch Processing – Multiple cases can be run in Batch mode

  • Sensivity Runs – Several parameters can be examines to determine the resulting dose rate.

  • Results can be saved in text, HTML, Microsoft Word, and Excel formats.




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