KEYCREATOR - 三维计算机辅助设计软件

KEYCREATOR用于制造业的敏捷CAD工具,KeyCreator Pro提供完整的KeyCreator指令集,并维护经典的下拉菜单,图标调色板,可自定义的工具栏和键盘快捷键界面。它能够快速构建准确模型、很大限度地有效地重用CAD数据、根据项目规模优化数据结构、对意外变化做出快速反应、简化数控机床的编程、拥有利用一套完整的绘图功能。



  • 强大的3D形状绘制,例如块、圆柱体和曲线
  • 通过轮廓和边缘的扫掠/放样构建复杂的形状
  • 使用简单的联合和减法/修剪技术来节省时间
  • 放置标准库中的特征和零件
  • 随时插入构建平面以将实体和轮廓准确定位在3D空间中需要的位置




  • 支持从主要MCAD文件类型(包括SolidWorks、CATIA、Creo和NX)读取模型、PMI和绘图
  • 从产品模型中提取的面、边、位置和平面切片和测量值快速导出工具和夹具模型
  • 即时识别基本特征并找到面部和重复部分的几何图案
  • 使用一整套几何验证、修正和测量功能查询导入的模型
  • KeyCreator混合建模方法支持移除问题面、重建曲面和恢复水密实体




  • 使用单个文件中的属性和级别组织初始复杂性,以避免过度复杂的数据管理
  • 根据需要灵活地链接/取消链接外部文件,以管理大型设计或重复零件/装配体的大小
  • 将关联的图形保留在项目文件中或选择链接到单独的文件




  • 沿构造轴将面/特征和实体拖动到一起
  • 使用3D尺寸作为临时约束直观地驱动面部编辑
  • 移动/移除面孔和实体而不依赖或复杂化以前的历史




  • 利用快速生成2到3轴和线切割EDM刀具路径
  • 像模型中的任意其他实体一样存储刀具路径
  • 设置库存区域和快速平面以减少工具移动时间
  • 将刀具路径的后处理配置为G代码
  • 将曲线导出为工业或艺术风格刀具的DXF刀具路径




  • 流畅地创建所有类型的绘图、视图、符号和细节,并控制缩放、格式设置和自动更新
  • 使用传统的2D绘图技术管理绘图,例如按颜色和线条样式分层和选择
  • 自定义详细设置配置以支持公司和客户标准
  • 将绘图导出为PDF或与KeyCreator Viewer共享





KeyCreator Pro provides the complete set of KeyCreator commands and maintains the classic pull-down menus, icon palettes, customizable toolbars, and keyboard shortcuts interface.


Quickly build precise models

  • Powerful 3D sketching of shapes such as blocks, cylinders, and curves
  • Build complex shapes by sweep/loft of profiles and edges
  • Use simple unite and subtract/trim techniques to save time
  • Place features and parts from standards library
  • Insert construction planes at any time to position entities and profiles in 3D space exactly where they are needed


Maximize productive re−use of CAD data from anywhere

  • Support available for reading models, PMI and drawings from major MCAD file types including SolidWorks, CATIA, Creo, and NX
  • Quickly derive tooling and fixturing models from faces, edges, positions, and planar slices and measurements pulled off the product model
  • Instantly recognize basic features and find geometric patterns of faces and repeated parts
  • Interrogate imported models with a complete set of geometry verification, repair, and measurement functions
  • KeyCreator hybrid modeling approach supports removing problem faces, re-building surfaces, and restoring a water-tight solid


Optimize data structure to the size of the project

  • Organize initial complexity using attributes and levels within a single file to avoid over complicated data management
  • Flexibly link/unlink external files as needed to manage the size of large designs or repeated parts/assemblies
  • Keep associated drawings within the project file or optionally link to separate files


React rapidly to unexpected changes

  • Drag faces/features and entities together along construction axes
  • Intuitively drive face edits using 3D dimensions as temporary constraints
  • Move/remove faces and entities without relying on or complicating previous history


Simplify Programming of Your NC machine

  • Leverage fast generation of 2 to 3 axis and wire EDM toolpaths
  • Store toolpaths like any other entity in your model
  • Set stock area and rapid planes to reduce tool travel times
  • Configure post-processing of toolpaths into G code
  • Export curves as DXF toolpaths for industrial or artwork style cutters


Leverage a complete set of drawing functions

  • Fluently create all types of drawings, views, symbols, and details and completely control scaling, formatting, and automatic updating
  • Manage legacy drawings with traditional 2D drafting techniques such as layering and selection by color and line styles
  • Customize detail settings configurations to support national, corporate, and customer standards
  • Export drawings to PDF or share with the free KeyCreator Viewer





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