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  • CABLESTM Basic-电线参数计算

  • 静电模块 - 电场强度、力、扭矩、传输线参数和电容

  • 涡流模块 - 磁场分析、感应电压、位移电流、磁链、感应电压、功率、阻抗和电流








  • 静电模块-

  • 非线性电导率和介电常数的模拟

  • 能够为表面分配恒定或不均匀的电荷分布

  • 静电力和扭矩计算

  • 传输线参数和电容计算

  • 用于绘制标量和矢量场量的多种显示形式,包括图形、等高线图、箭头图、剖面图、流线图和矢量轨迹图


  • 涡流模块-

  • 直观且结构化的界面可很大限度地提高专家和初学者的工作效率

  • 能够模拟线圈和绕组的电压激励和反电动势效应

  • 由于趋肤效应和邻近效应计算真正的交流电阻

  • 提供多种细化波形,例如具有直流偏移的正弦源以及各种方波和三角脉冲

  • 导体中感应电流和施加在导体中的趋肤效应电流的解决方案

  • 力、扭矩、磁链、感应电压、功率和阻抗参数


  • 跨模块的共同特征-

  • 瞬态、相量和静态分析模式

  • 绘制标量和矢量场量的显示形式包括:图形、等高线图、箭头图、剖面图和矢量轨迹图

  • 数据可导出为格式化文件,以便与电子表格和其他软件包集成

  • 批处理功能允许多个文件的无人值守解决方案

  • 参数化功能有助于设计优化








Microsoft® Windows 10或更高版本









Developed in collaboration with Manitoba-Hydro-International the CABLESTM suite analyzes irregular, asymmetrical and non-symmetrical transmission line structures and models consisting of long parallel wires, sheaths and insulation. CABLESTM solves electric line parameters such as capacitance, eddy currents and electric field strength.CABLESTM facilitates consideration of proximity effects when computing line and cable properties, providing the frequency dependent impedance matrices for the user. The results can be output to a proprietary file format used by PSCAD for importing cable properties or exported to a text data file for further analysis.


Visualize, Analyze, Optimize

CABLESTM provides outstanding visualization features for detailed analysis of electrical and electronic systems. Automated model creation using built-in API and Parametric Utilities combined with Self-Adaptive BEM and FEM solvers enable rapid optimization of designs.


The CABLESTM suite has been developed offering a modular approach, for customization and ease of use.


  • CABLESTM Basic - Electric Line Parameters Calculation

  • Electrostatic Module - Electric field strength, Force, Torque, Transmission line parameters and Capacitance

  • Eddy-Current Module - Magnetic field analysis, Induced voltages, Displacement current, Flux linkage, Induced voltage, Power, impedance and Currents.




  • Electrostatic Module -

  • Simulation of non-linear conductivity and permittivity

  • Ability to assign constant or non-uniform charge distributions to surfaces

  • Electrostatic force and torque calculations

  • Transmission line parameter and capacitance calculations

  • A variety of display forms for plotting scalar and vector field quantities including graphs, contour plots, arrow plots, profile plots, streamline plots and vector loci plots


  • Eddy-Current Module -

  • Intuitive and structured interface maximizes productivity for both experts and beginners

  • Ability to model voltage excitation and back EMF effects of coils and windings

  • Calculation of true AC resistance due to skin and proximity effects

  • Variety of refine wave forms available, such as sinusoidal sources with the DC offset and various square wave and triangular pulses

  • Solution of current induced in conductors and skin effect current impressed in conductors

  • Force, Torque, Flux linkage, Induced Voltage, Power, and Impedance Parameters


  • Common Features across the modules -

  • Transient, phasor and static analysis modes

  • Display forms for plotting scalar and vector field quantities include: graphs, contour plots, arrow plots, profile plots and vector loci plots

  • Data exportable to formatted files for integration with spreadsheets and other software packages

  • Batch function allows unattended solution of multiple files

  • Powerful parametric feature facilitates design optimization





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